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Friday, November 11, 2011

John Joseph's e books being published shortly through many outlets.

My addiction e books will be coming to many different outlets on the web. Ebay, and Smashwords just to name a few. Also out by Jan 1st 2012 will be many free self help videos on youtube. It is my intention to to bring you recovery help at near nothing in cost. my many e books will be self published to save you money and they will be priced at around $2.00.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get consulting email, IM and phone help from JOHN JOSEPH

Get Alcoholism and drug addiction help from JOHN JOSEPH  by CLICKING HERE.

Email consulting is the best form of help you can get from known addiction consultant John Joseph. 3 detailed long email responses available by paying with credit card. Please start out by purchasing 3 long detailed email responses to your 3 emails and ask john Joseph about other services such as
*Short term live in addiction training and coaching *IM consulting 
Services from John Joseph are 100% guaranteed to help you or he will gladly refund your money no questions asked. Your health and well being is what counts.