Monday, May 7, 2018

Calm and Serenity is What Keeps me Clean and Sober, But sadly my old friend Marc B. never found it

I must always know that no matter what situations I may face, over reacting and getting all worked up about it will accomplish nothing in my favor. My old friend from Cicero Illinois Marc Begun was going through a tough time last winter with his 4 flat building. The winter here in the Midwest was very cold with temperatures below zero and as I visited Marc that cold day it happened that his water pipes just froze on one side in the rear of his building. He was a struggling addict and he just couldn't properly deal with his frozen pipe problem. He was screaming and pacing and complaining to his live in girlfriend Lorie. He just couldn't settle down about his frozen pipes. I told him that the only thing he could do is wait a week until the pipes thawed out. I told him the weather will be better then and he can contact the plumber to have him repair them. He wasn't listening no matter how hard I tried to calm him down. I told him "Marc, no mater if you scream and complain or if you sit there calm and cool, neither one will change your situation so why not just sit there calm and get it off your mind. Stress will take its toll on your health and cause you to relapse again on heroin. I was there to spend the night and I was able to calm Marc down a bit but for the most part he stormed and raged about his frozen pipes. It was then that I realized my old friend Marc truly had problems with addiction battles. I stayed the night and Marc was only able to settle down by taking a strong prescription pill for sleeping. You see, I hadn't seen Marc for almost 20 years and what I was realizing is that Marc had spiraled down into a very bad addiction. He wasn't dealing with adversity well and that's how I knew he needed help. I was in touch with him for four more months trying hard to help Marc cope better with his uneasiness but it was too late, On March 1st of 2018, just four months after I got back in touch with Marc after my 20 year absence from him, his sister Cheryl called me and told me her brother died the day before and I knew then and regretted I had been too late for helping my old friend Marc. Marc overdosed on Heroin, most certainly Fetynal laced. Life is fleeting but I am glad I was able to re-know my old friend Marc at least that 4 months I had been back in contact with him. Life leads us on a journey and sometimes it's a sad journey. Rest in Heaven Marc. God hold him.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Its too easy to to overdose on heroin today.

If you or someone close to you are addicted to Heroin you have plenty of worries. The Heroin thats on the street today is mostly a dangerous drug called fetanyl but small amounts can kill you. A lot of this cheap drug comes from China and gets here from the Mexican border. These dealers dont mix their drugs good and its causing many overdoses. I just lost a long time friend this month. He didnt expect to die but heres what he did. He smoked three dime bags of crack with a girlfriend and then they shared $100 of Heroin. They did the Heroin all at once. his girlfriend told me they always did that amount before. But, my friend who overdosed was 90 days sober from his last time using Heroin. After they did the Heroin they both passed out for about 3 hours. But right before my friend who died passed out he had put on his coat and called the dealer back and he told him he wanted to get more Heroin. As my friend was walking to the door he slumped over and fell on the rug and he never woke up again. His girlfriend grabbed the garbage bag and was going to throw out the trash when she passed out at the bottom of their inside hallway. She woke up to find her boyfriend upstairs dead. He turned blue. She called the paramedics but it was too late. My friend would have never expected to die from an amount of Heroin he was always doing in the past with no problems. If you are addicted to Heroin and if you stop for a few weeks then you need to know that your body will not handle the same amounts you were used to doing. Heroin is deadly. My friend who overdosed had went to drug counseling several months before his death and he was aware that when he had a blood test they told him he had fetanyl and morphine in his blood but there was no Heroin. So all the Heroin he was buying wasnt Heroin at all. Thats why being a Heroin addict in these times is extremely dangerous. Whats the moral of what Im trying to tell you here? Quit Heroin. Start somking pot heavily. I really dont have a good answer for you. I understand how hard it will be for a Heroin addict to quit but quitting must be the only option. Get help please because too many people are dying from these dangerous street drugs that they are mixing with and largely substituting for Heroin. This is a major crisis our country is going thru.