Saturday, January 25, 2014

The push to legalize marijuana is all about tax money and not about safety

Our country is on the verge of a movement which has a goal of legalizing pot to make tax revenue and not much else. Marijuana is extremely toxic. Its also highly potent compared to what the president and senators used to smokebas kids. Legalizing pot will help put the cartels in mexico out of business but watch as they use straw buyers to open businesses and invade this worrying Industry like locusts. Our country is undergoing a massive transition into becoming a poorer less prosperous nation. Local and federal governments in every state are quiety facing shadow bankruptcy. Most struggle to continue to pay the pensions of retired workers and keep up with daily services. They are using every trick they know to tax and fee residents to death. So why not make money taxing legalized marijuana. The attorney general of the united states would also like to end sending all these people to prison for marijuana possession and selling "crimes". I can study this in-depth with you here fir the pros and cons but want simply to get this point across. Life is not fair and there never will be simple answers. But with the legalization of marijuana expect to see higher cancer rates along with nore people starting on marijuana as a gateway drug to other harder more deadly drugs. Expect to see more traffic deaths and also expect to see more kids buying it as it becomes "accepted". The government will also soon want in on more profits so they will take over the growing and selling role on many fronts. This isnt good news but then what are the answers. Everything in life goes through cycles and in twenty years when the global economy has hopefully healed look for marijuana legalization to be reconsidered for the reasons I just brought up. Its a tough society. We need to be good parents and educate our children to the dangers of any type of drug use that alters our minds in such a strong addictive way.