Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Problem Is What Ails You, Not The Ale Your Using.

It cannot be said any plainer. Your compulsive drinking of alcohol is not the reason for your many troubles, it's the fact that you are compulsed to drink in order to quiet your unbalanced mind. The drinking is the symptom that all is not well with you psychologically, emotionally and or environmentally. Your mind is chemically unbalanced and hurting, it also is suffering and in a twisted state of pain to one degree or another. You need to isolate what ails your brain and that will reduce the compulsive pull to self medicate in order to make things less traumatic, less anxiety ridden, leass depressed and less hurting mentally. When you first started drinking it was probably because you just wanted to get high, to catch a buzz and to feel good. You were most likely young and wanted to goof around with your peers. Why not, a little getting high couldn't hurt anything you thought. Then 3, 4, 5 or 10 years later you are wondering why alcohol has destroyed you and not most of your other friends. Well, the reason is simple, but yet complex all at the same time. Maybe it's drugs also that you compulsively use regularly too. You see you were different from the friends of yours who used to drink and goof around with you. You see, that innocent partying and getting buzzed is very dangerous to do because if you have an underlying condition where your brain chemistry is unstable, the right kinds of drugs and alcohol will mask it and help make your suffering feel better, temporarily that is. Until you come down and start feeling rotten again. Then you must continue this cycle of regular use in order to feel somewhat more normal. Although you will never feel "normal" as long as you are using drugs or alcohol. You will sedate your mind from what is dogging you, and in the process be numb to life mentally and emotionally. When you are addicted to a particular drug or medication, or alcohol or evn both, the problem may seem to be your destructive over use of it. But just by staooping their use is not going to make you better. You will suffer and seek other outlets for your unstable condition. You must get the proper assessment by someone who can point out this feelings your feeling and diagnose your condition. Therapy will also help you cope better. Because if you just stop using you have not addressed the reasons you compulsively used in the first place. Lifestyle management and change is needed to bring yourself to a more "near normal" state. It will take being honest with yourself and the desire to make the changes needed to calm your unquiet mind and greatly reduce your compulsive pull to a level where you can better function without the need to use self medication in order to find stability and mental peace. Addiction is a temporary calmness, addressing your underlying needs will be the only way to a more calm and rational less suffering way to live.