Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Treating Addiction" Soon to be released followed by dozens of self help videos and ezine articles.

"Treating Addiction" Recovery From Alcoholism and Drug Addiction by John Joseph

In my new book "Treating Addiction" you will learn the fundamentals of what to do to recover from your own severe addiction to alcohol and drugs. In my book I show you how your addiction is not the main problem in your life, it is but a symptom of an underlying un-quiet mind or psychological disorder and trauma which is causing you to self medicate in an effort to relieve the un-stable chemistry within your mind. This unsteadiness allows you to become compulsively addicted to drugs and alcohol in a futile attempt to bring calm to your mind and your world.

I am John Joseph and I have witnessed addiction from several perspectives starting with the torturous loss of my mother to alcoholism and then suffering through my own 14 1/2 year bout with the disease/disorder. And then working with street addicts and professionals to help them through their  suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. I am very empath and intuitive and have read over 300 books dealing with Alcoholism/Drug addiction, accompanying psychological disorders, and family crisis counseling. When I work with an addict I do more than just briefly offer assistance. I jump into their situation head first in a concentrated effort to help them end their suffering.

"Treating Addiction"  will tell you why you drink or drug compulsively and will also show you what you must do to manage your days without being addicted. I show you why you must eliminate triggers such as environment, and guide you through your new days sober and clean. I explain through my experiences and those of other addicts just how you will get well. I offer the hope and solice you need so you feel confident as you make the brave journey into a life long recovery. I show you why you must take certain steps in order to drastically reduce the compulsive pull of addiction in your life.

I do much pro bono counseling with inner city addicts and help them with all issues involving their recovery. I am often mentor and guardian to the children of addicts and have opened a 2800 square foot foster home on Chicago's south side. "Treating Addiction" I am confident will be a major aid in helping you understand what is at the root causes of your severe compulsion to use drugs and alcohol.

"Treating Addiction" is more than a single book, it is supported by hundreds of videos, blogs, and mainly ongoing support from me, John Joseph. I am your guide in your journey to get back a life you so desperately deserve. A life free from the ravages and toxins of addiction to alcohol and drugs.

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About John Joseph:

John Joseph was born and raised in Chicago, mostly by his father Salvatore, a tea totler who got court custody of John and his two siblings. John's mom became decimated and homeless due to her out of control alcoholism. This left a big impact on John's early childhood by having only saw his mom about 10 times after the age of 6 years. After a troublesome and lonely childhood John too became an alcoholic at the age of 15 1/2. He drank hard booze straight with only a gulp of soda chaser.He dabbled in various hardcore street drugs until the age of 21. His alcoholism later led to the depression, social isolation and his financial collapse.
At the age of 29 1/2 he finnally quit his hardcore drinking and spent the next 18 years of his life reading over 300 books dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction, family crisis counseling and multi disorders associated with addiction. he has counseled hardcore street addicts and also those in the recovery field. When John gets involved in and addicts life, he does not see them once and wish them well. To the contrary he never lets them go. nHe follows their life very closely and is there in their great times of need. He has often chased addicts down in crack houses just to help them get a grip on their ravages. John has a heart that wont quit. He is often times very bright, but his highly intuit and extreme empath qualities often over ride his intelligent mind. He goes to court with inner city addicts and gets them legal counsel when they are threatened with jail or losing their children to the state. John decided to help addicts anyway he could because it is force that is within him. He took the years to write "Treating Addiction" in order to help addicts and their families end their suffering. When John Joseph quit his addiction to alcoholism he was determined to understand why addiction exists. The toll he witnessed in the wake of many addicts lives gave him the motivation to better understand this ravaging mental anguish and help enlighten addicts to get clean and sober. The roots to writing "Treating Addiction" began with the anguish John had went through as a child watching his lovely mothers life and mind destroyed by alcoholism, and then the anguish he went through as a near gutter drunk out of control. "Treating Addiction" was not written with the thoughts of making money, but with the thoughts and heartfelt love from a man whom suffers when other people are suffering from the devastation of being addicted to drugs and alcohol. John gives away at least half of his earnings to house and help inner city addicts and their families get well and healthy. He has has opened a 2800 square foot foster home on Chicagos south side to help bring stability to those left homeless due to addiction. If you are suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, or if you want to help a loved one who is suffering, then Please read "Treating Addiction" so that you will know the fundamentals of why and how to get clean and sober for a lifetime.

John Joseph has been guardian to Ida, and her 2 young sons Jamari and Ray for the last 2 
and a half years. They lived in Marryville academy as wards of the state. John says that the rewards
you get from helping children in need are the smiles you bring to their faces.
Marryville Academy 

photo and poem by john joseph

To those who are weak

Be their strength

To those lonely and friendless

Be their friend

To those lost in confusion

Be their guidance

To those who are hurting

Be their comfort, ease their pain

To those mentally incapable

Help them decide, be their decision maker

To those who are illiterate

Help them understand

To those crying in torment

Dry their eyes with comfort

To those whose balance is unstable

Show them stability

Don't take what has'nt been given

Give what clearly they need

Sow the seeds in humanity

Through words, actions and deeds.
John Joseph 2004