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Thursday, December 11, 2014

In order to quit drinking/drugging its more than just "stop doing it". Its a change of lifestyle.

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and you want to stop that lifestyle, you need to change your entire lifestyle and the way you think about your life. There are factors that made you an addict and by eliminating your vice, its not the only thing you need to do to live sober and clean. You became addicted in the first place because of factors beyond your control. You felt overwhelming pressures in your daily environment. Also you were weighed down by hard to control factors associated with or associating with your family. There were financial burdens you may have felt unable to properly control or handle. Your physiological make up caused you to endure an unquiet mind due to anxiety or depression or something of a psychotic nature. The pressures within your family may have added to your anxiety or depression. Whatever the set of circumstances you faced, they were enough to make you uneasy to the point that you became addicted to drugs or drinking as a form of self medicating weather you realized it was occurring to you or not.

Getting clean from addiction means you have to look at the areas of your life you felt bogged down and severely uneasy about. You will need to take inventory of what coping issues you have and know what will bring them more at ease. It is a process of healing, correcting and understanding your life in a new way. Take it one step at a time and see to it you have a good psychiatrist or therapist that you can recount your life with so that there is an objective honest opinion you can get true feedback from. This is where a true change happens in your life.

When these negative and destructive influences are best understood by you, it will be then and only then that you can confront them and eliminate the power they have over drawing you into an addictive pull which leads you to seek self medication in order to tame their unpleasant and unbalanced mental stresses and strains. Addiction is the minds way of finding ease. Draw these influences down and it will be easier for you to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The major effects aging has on addiction

Aging and addiction are something the addict and the loved one trying to help the addict should learn about. When an addict ages they tend to mellow and not be as severe as they were when they were 20 versus age 40. But as the addict grows older and greyer theyre use of drugs or alcohol will natural go down but the flip side of that coin is that the addict/alcoholic will need less of theyre drug or alcohol to get higher. This is more true with drinking than with hard drugs. Also as the addict continues to use drugs and alcohol into their 40s, and beyond, they tear down the health of their mind and bodys organs. Just the heavy and continued use of drugs and alcohol by the severe addict will on average cut 10 to 20 years off their life. It is very important that the addict/alcoholic quit using drugs and alcohol before middle age because if they dont the future is not a healthy one.

I have not met an addict who was healthy in their forties or fifties. And its very hard to find an active addict or alcohol that makes it into their 60s. If they do they are sick and have not much time to live anymore. When we are young and invincible we discard such thought. After all we never believed we were gonna get old. We thought youth was ours forever. We have to always realize the clock is ticking away. Because if we dont change our destiny and quit drinking and drugging early in life, our destiny will not be a long one.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What the press don't comprehend. James Gandolfini died because of his addiction

The National Enquirer had stories about James Gandolfini's wild partying days. The truth is he was an addict and he admitted that too the Enquirer several years ago. He also said he is now clean and sober no more drugs and heavy drinking. As I have pointed out many times that once an addict always an addict. James stopped his alcoholism but became a food addict. When you quit one addiction another will take its place. You will have to gravitate towards something else in order to calm your unquiet mind. Remember from my book "Treating Addiction" and from past posts as I point out the facts that your addictive mind will never be fully well. You are never fully cured. James Gandolfini was 300 pounds the day he died. He also had 4 hard liquor drinks and 4 other weaker alcoholic drinks along with a double order of fried king shrimp and fatty goose liver. James did not have his addiction under control and with all the success from The Sopranos and future programs he was under contract for he was rolling in the dough. So his worries were few and he had plenty of money to pay for his lifestyle of excess.
You see he did not have his addictions under control. Just like the immortal Bill Wilson who quit his drinking and founded AA, he too was on an addict who did not have his life under control. He was a sex addict and heavy womanizer, he smoked heavily and suffered from severe depression. Bill Wilson died at age 71 from Emphysema. So just because you quit your main severe addiction does not mean you are well and worries over. It is even recommended to gravitate toward another less harmful addiction in order to quit your severe one. If you don't choose a new addiction then your unquiet mind in a quest for quietness will choose a new addiction for you. The goal when you quit your addiction is to treat the underlying causes of that addiction to lessen the pull towards the addiction cycle again.  You lessen the addictive pull by treating any underlying psychological disorders, eliminating stress and changing your environmental ques that create havoc on your mind.
Bottom line is this: When you quit your addiction you must have a good support network of friends to lean on and you must figure out the proper daily management regimen to lessen your addictive pull and this way you can live a new life without having new destructive addictions or slips and relapses all the time. Daily management.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

With the death of Whitney Houston comes a horrible saga of suffering and a sad reminder.

                                                             I will always love you.....
by John Joseph
I was saddened and moved to tears when hearing of the death yesterday of Whitney Houston. I have always liked her singing, she had a great voice. But it was her personal life that caught my constant attention. Her addiction to drugs and alcohol was tragic and showed that she was truly suffering from a lot of mental anguish and torment. She was a heavy crack addict and seemed compelled to following a destructive path. It seemed obvious that she could not stop using drugs. I had read that it was her ex-husband Bobby Brown who had first turned her on to smoking crack cocaine. I don't know for sure if that is true or not but surely he had deep addiction issues also. Whitney was not well mentally. her brain was "stuck in mollasis". When a persons mind is so tormented by deep un-balanced psychological issues and have a constant compulsion to self medicate with drugs and alcohol it can be nearly impossible for them to get well. Whitney was one such sufferer. I have known quite a few like her and it just tears me apart to see this destruction happen to her. Whitney's death was something I had feared would be her most likely outcome. I had seen her ravaged life story on the cover of many tabloids as I checked out in the super market and it always brought such sadness to me. I so much wanted her to get well. In her life I had a constant reminder of the worst destruction addiction can bring to a person. When I heard the news about Whitney's passing I shed some strong emotion, and not just for her, but it made me think about the others I know who are suffering just as much as Whitney had. It makes me want to bring a re-newed commitment to helping the ones I know who are still alive but suffering themselves being stuck in molasis. I have struggled with mental health issues and even as bright as I think I am, I too have spent many years stuck in mollasis.  Mental torment and the compulsive addictive pull are a strong illness that can take down the brightest minds. These "sick" addicts are so often misunderstood and demonized as if they have no control over the choice to so destructively use. i am writing this even before i have found out the cause of Whitney's tragic death. It seems so obvious what the outcome of her death inquiry will be. And something I see across the many news stories about her tragic situation is an acceptance. A sad acceptance in that it really seems people get it, that she was a great talent who truly was not well and suffered so mightily. I don't hear the stories of how bad drugs are for you and the "don't use drugs spin". What is highlighted is that she had a deep battle with a suffering issue. It seems clear to everyone that for as talented as she was, people seem to know in their hearts that if she could have quit her addiction to save her career she would have. Addiction is not a choice. It is the minds attempt to bring balance and self medicate from deeply hurtful feelings of strong devastating emotions. Addiction works, but only temporarily, as the self medicating wears off the destructive cycle must continue to once again bring a temporary calm etc, etc. But in addictions wake families are torn apart, lives are shattered and careers lost, somehow to no avail. Whitney never seemed able to overcome these mighty forces, and in that, the suffering she experienced is now over, but has not ended in a way we had hoped and prayed it would for her. God bless you Whitney, I am so sorry you experienced such torment. I am so so sorry, for you, and others still experiencing the same thing.