Saturday, May 30, 2015

Homelessness A Thing Of The Past. Here's How.

I read an interesting article out this week which supports a major study on Homelessness and how to end it. They conclude  "spending federal money to house the homeless would end it". Sounds impracticable I know but they say that the homeless waste a lot of tax money being on the street committing crimes etc. Sounds logical but people that are homeless are in that situation mostly due to mental illness and not being "socially stable". Some people if you gave them a free home they would invite drug dealing friends and the likes over and even rent out rooms in their house to support their addiction. They may even burn the house down or have troublesome people over that would cause fights and violence. The answer to putting an end to homelessness is to monitor the mental health of the homeless before you "give" them homes. You have to assess their stability and capability to be responsible on their own. You must grade the homeless by their stability level. Are they mentally capable of keeping a home safely? Some of the homeless "residents" can only be in a group home setting with strict rules and no visitors. Some are a danger to others and need daily monitoring, mental health treatment and medication. Their are degrees of homelessness.
Some people fall on hard times and become temporarily homeless and are easier to reintegrate back into society while others may have mental scars from abuse and neglect. There never will be simple answers but if the politicians really cared homelessness can be cut in half at the least but no one elected to office cares to do the heavy lifting necessary to help solve the social ills of today. The population is growing at a huge rate and if the issues of homelessness aren't better resolved now, then when the population has an extra 10 billion people in 50 years the world is in for some very tragic times. That's the reason you see this move toward globalization and a one world government, because our leaders are trying to prepare for a population explosion and at the rate their going everyone is in deep trouble and suffering times. Eliminating homelessness takes commitment, and that's something very few politicians care to do. Most are incompetent to even comprehend the issues.  Bill Wilson, the chief founder of Alcoholics Anonymous has been dead since 1971 but yet the organization he built still goes on to help hundreds of thousands of Alcoholics and drug addicts each year. That's more than tens of thousands of living politicians combined are doing right now.

Here's the link explaining the study to end homelessness.

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