Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and remember to enjoy the journey.

Christmas is a time to pause what we're doing and take break from the hectic schedules we normally follow. Lets be thankful for our health and always remember that many people who are suffering need someone in someway. If you can, try to be that someone to a person within reach who needs help. This time we all share on earth is short, so by keeping that in mind share kindness and compassion whenever you can. Love and generosity may not last forever but the times you can give it are really worth th efforts. When you lift a poor mans spirits or help a mentally ill homeless person it should lift your spirits as well. What you give comes back to you in many ways. If you are afdictef to drugs or alcohol or if your loved one is, may God grant you the help and tranquility along with the strength to conquer your battles so that your mind can rest with more comfort. Please follow my books blogs and videos for insight and tips so thst you may enjoy the serene love of living in more comfort for the rest of your journey. God Bless and I love you. John Joseph.

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