Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little Ray began with a choice.

It really is not our choice. Ray is here because a choice was made though. Little Ray's mom is a ward of the state of Illinois and she was being "advised" to "not deal" with having and raising Ray. I am The foster parent of Rays mom and I let his mom know that Ray is not a choice. He is a live human being who too wants to grow up and have a Facebook account. His mom feeling reassured decided to have Ray. It was her choice. Look at the picture of Ray. Is he a choice. The only choice Ray is, is the choice to keep him alive and that choice should not be ours because of "inconvenience". How someone can make a "choice' to not let Ray be here is something I will never understand. Ray entered this world 5 months ago and we are better for that. He has his whole life ahead of him, may it be with joy. Life is truly a miracle, not a choice.

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