Saturday, August 13, 2011

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With severe addiction, the problem isn't the drinking/drugging, that's only a symptom of the underlying issues.

 by John Jopseph
It's being uninformed to think that it's the drinking and drugging that is ruining your life or your loved ones life. When you or your loved one finally does quit drinking/drugging the new person will have lots of work to do to eliminate the emotional and psychological reasons for the triggering of the addiction. The addict did not one day decide to over use drugs or alcohol, that decision was decided for them before they even started their vice. Granted, every addiction is quite different in intensity and it's extreme diversity. When an alcoholic quits drinking the feelings they feel after abstaining are called a"dry drunk". An experienced holistic therapist described her fathers quitting alcoholism to me this way. " When my dad finally did quit his heavy drinking I quickly realized what a rotten and evil abusive and mean man he really was. he was a real bastard when he quit drinking and I found out that's why he started drinking, because he had a lot of intense psychological issues within him. He was self medicating because of all his twisted and chemically unbalanced mind had to try to deal with. Alcohol sedated the monster underneath. He was a bitter and suffering dry drunk." Severe addiction to drugs and alcohol is a way to self medicate and ease the suffering sort of. Emotional issues almost always underlie heavy addictions and until you address these issues and diagnosis, you will never get well and abstain. Bill Wilson founded Alcoholics Anonymous and always quit his severe alcoholism, but still he had many more issues which he never addressed and these did him just as much harm as his drinking did. He died of emphasema at age 71 because he was a heavy smoker, he suffered with major bouts of depression and was also a sex addict whose womanizing brought great pain to his marriage and almost scandalize Alcoholics Anonymous had his sex addiction become known. So if you think that by your or your loved one "finally" giving up their addiction that they are cured, please be prepared for the real work ahead, and that is daily maintenance and treatment in order to stay clean and sober and not relapse. A relapse means they have not treated their underlying issues. There are several studies being undertaken which are proving to be very eye opening regarding addiction and lack of longevity. A recent study claimed that a severe addict/alcoholic's live 10 to 20 years less even if they quit their addictions. This is because the underlying issues are not being treated after they abstain, and through their unquiet mind they are also dying sooner because of stress related illnesses.